Resources for Section Officers

The AES makes available a number of tools to help sections manage their business. Every AES member should have a username and password for the AES site. If you do not have one (or if you've forgotten) please use this form to obtain or retrieve your username and password.

Update Section Officers

Make sure the contact information for your section's executive is up to date. Visit the Sections page and click on the name of your section. If necessary, use the AES Sections: Update Committee form.

In particular, please make sure the listing under "Section Contact Information" is accurate. This is the person who will receive emails from headquarters and the section's Regional Vice President. If this person is not communicating with your local executive, you'll never hear from the AES!

Note that for a person to be listed as an executive member they must be a paid-up AES member.

Update Section Officers


Access Section Membership Database

AES Section officers have access to their section membership database online. This allows the section to view or download an up-to-date list of all the members associated with their section. With this information in hand, the section can easily email meeting notices to their local members.

Access Section Membership Database

The spreadsheet Membership_Tools.xlsx allows section exec to quickly filter the information they've downloaded to show only emails, create a sign-in sheet, and view a chart of membership types (member, associate member, student, other) in their section. 


Submit/View Meeting Reports

Report on your AES Section's activities using the Section Meeting Report submission form. This form sends the report to your Regional Vice President, the AES Journal for possible publication, and to the AES Executive Director. It also posts the meeting report at where everyone can learn about your activities.

Submit/View Meeting Reports


Create a Section Website

Having a website for your section is a great way to keep your local members up to date with your activities. Sections can create their own website hosted at with options for a blog, static web pages, and even a discussion forum, all of which are optimized for viewing on both computers and mobile devices. This makes maintaining your site very simple and will help to centralize information about all AES sections worldwide.

Contact the Webmaster if you would like to host a website for your section at


Promote AES Membership

There are a number of tools you can use to help promote membership in the AES. The file AES Membership Promo Material.pdf includes more information about each of the following

Display I'm an AES Member posters at your section meetings. pdf files are available in print and screen resolution.

Membership Posters

Distribute AES Membership Flyers. You can download print- or screen-resolution versions of the files in a number of languages.

Membership Flyers

Show the membership recruitment presentation, either as a Power Point, Keynote or self-running movie with voice-over.

Membership Recruiting Presentation


Additional Information

Section officers can login to download information documents.

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