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Automotive Audio

Back in 2005 I received a call from a major Tier 1 supplier for audio systems to help them in implementing a digital, simulation-driven approach for their product development. My first thought was:

“A car audio system might not be much more than a radio and some loudspeakers?”

Well, it turned out that this was not quite true. When I joined them a few months later, I found probably the most sophisticated audio development environment I’ve seen, and I have seen a lot (more than 30 different highly qualified companies). This was a totally different story, and I figured out after a few weeks, that:

“Automotive audio is a highly complex topic, that goes far beyond just loudspeakers and amplifiers!”

Over the last 12 years I spent most of my working engagement with automotive audio. Especially recently, over about the last five years, audio moved from an infotainment topic to a sound design topic, supporting engineers in designing the vehicle’s sound, i.e. the sound that the car by its vibrations and air noise generates — a fascinating new topic for audio.

Here are some resources from the AES and others that provide a useful introduction to the topic. (Click on the tabs to see the resources under each heading.)

Alfred Svobodnik

Curator: Alfred Svobodnik

Alfred Svobodnik has researched the areas of audio, acoustics and simulations for more than 25 years. His passion is music, and he has a desire to design outstanding sound profiles and an optimal acoustic comfort in all areas of sound.

He is President and CEO of MVOID Group. MVOID is a pioneer and expert in virtual acoustics and sound design, with the focus on mobility, as well as developer of MVOID® (Multidisciplinary Virtually Optimized Industrial Design) methodology. Previously, Alfred spent five years with Harman International Inc. and held a number of different senior managerial positions in the areas of simulation and virtual acoustics for audio systems. He started his career as founding member, Executive Partner and CTO in 1990 with Numerical Analysis and Design, a company specialized in engineering analysis with finite and boundary elements for stress analysis, dynamics and acoustics.


Automotive Audio Resources

AES Journal Spotlight Interview

This month Francis Rumsey interviews Doyuen Ko of Belmont University about his paper on virtual acoustics for musicians, published in the September AES Journal.


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